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Self care kit

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A perfect kit for all your in house spa day.

Get the most amazing product for your self care fridays


1)Aloe-vera gel face wash by brown skin beauty 

Helps rejuvenate and heal your skin 

Reduces sun Damage and redness

Has anti ageing and inflammatory properties

Key Ingredients includes  

Vitamin C, Aloevera, Shea ,Argan oil ,cucumber and Niacinamide 


2)DoYou face pack 

Mousse-textured face mask cools & uplifts tired, visibly stressed skin – the perfect skin treat after a long & busy day!

Suitable for

  • Dry skin
  • Dull, lifeless skin
  • Skin showing early signs of ageing
  • People with an unhealthy lifestyle (poor eating & sleeping habits)

3)Gua sha

4)Jade roller

5)Travel kit