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Mini Skin care Trunk

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Body Cafe
Skin Story
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The Skin Story Keratin Conditioner provides instant and long lasting conditioning with pseudo-ceramides that repair damaged hair. Our all natural and safe formula uses a combination with Argan Oil, Olive Oil and Vitamin E to hydrate the scalp and your hair is left enviably glossy. It also tames frizziness and detangles hair instantly.
The Skin Story Hair Serum tames frizziness and leaves hair feeling luxuriously soft, silky and shiny. The blend of Argan Oil and Almond Oil protects the hair from harmful effects of sunlight and Vitamin E provides hair the nourishment that it needs. The Skin Story Hair Serum is ideal for all hair types and textures.
Ilana Glow scrub Made with plant AHA~BHAs (from Sugarcane and Willowbark Extracts) and Acai Fruit Enzyme, this scrub reduces flaky, dull skin to help reveal baby soft, smooth and more even-toned skin. AHAs and BHAs act as a glue dissolver between old and new skin cells to make exfoliating a breeze! No more irritation, micro-tears or rough skin. • Lightweight, creamy texture | 3-in-1: An enzyme, acid, and physical gentle exfoliation | Biodegradable Cellulose Glow Beads | Lathers well as a cleanser | Hydrating and Non-Stripping
Ilana Pro barrier serum Plant derivatives used instead of synthetic/ animal derived actives considering they are less sensitising and safer on your skin and kind to the animals and earth. FDA approved formulations 100% vegan Cruelty-free
Body cafe body wash What makes this body wash so special? * Infused with beautiful aromas of eucalyptus essential oil and loaded with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. * Skin loving ingredients such as cold pressed Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, Veg Glycerine, Aloe Vera extract, Vit E etc nourish your skin. As a result, skin feels soft, smooth and deeply hydrated. * This body wash brings back life to your skin and protects from environmental pollutants.
Body Cafe rose mist BodyCafé offers 100% natural, non alcoholic, pristine and pure rose water that gives your skin an instant shot of hydration. Carefully hand picked, organically grown roses are steam distilled the traditional way and it is free from artificial colours and synthetic fragrances. Few additional benefits of our rose water: * as a base to mix with our powder-face packs or create your own DIY masks at home * as a relaxing Face mist * as an eye spray for tired/dry eyes subjected to prolonged screen exposure (use carefully) * finally, as an aftershave spray that cools and soothes razor blade cuts Enjoy the luxuriant smell of pure roses as it acts as a natural astringent to balance and restore skin’s PH level.

Introducing Mini Trunk

Includes some amazing Skin car Minis for you to explore from and Try new brands!


- Ilana pro barrier serum OR Ilana Glow scrub

- Body Cafe rose Mist or Body cafe body wash

-Skin Story Hair serum Or Conditioner